The preceding series of animations is set in a fantastical world that does not have a name yet. I began that series to develop a setting for an interactive piece, the setting began as a list of words and phrases taken from Quranic root dictionaries, dictionaries of Hindu architecture and rap lyrics. The vignettes began to help me visualize a world I plan to make explore-able with the Unity Game Engine. The characters in the videos are equivalent to NPCs the user can encounter while traversing the world.  I am interested in exploring questions about identity, belonging and community storytelling in this world in these works. when and how does land become "owned" and when and how one become native? How does information travel or how are investor-state dispute settlement agreements reached? The Aesthetics and movement of the world are pulled from some real world sources. The environments are inspired by mixes of imagined West African countrysides and The American South, famous ancient ‘worlds’ such as The Indian Ocean World, and trade routes such as The Silk Road. These elements coalesce into short looped videos and stills focused on the world and characters movements in response to their surroundings.​​​​​​​