Selected Works 2018-2020 II

Learning C# through Experimental Rig-Building in Unity

Testing Physics of Rope Torso Script and Magnitude Clamp Script on Rope Arms, 2020

Fingers made of Line Renderers and Sliders, 2020

Position Constraint 2018, Collision Bug

Position Constraint 2018, Gravity Test 

Excerpt from a Position Constraint/Carry Script 2020
if (Finger3.bounds.Intersects (ThisInteractable.bounds) && Finger1.bounds.Intersects (ThisInteractable.bounds) && Finger2.bounds.Intersects (ThisInteractable.bounds)){
            Debug.Log ("Inrangetopickup");
            inrange = true;}
        if (inrange == true &&  Input.GetMouseButtonDown(0) && Finger3.bounds.Intersects (ThisInteractable.bounds) && Finger1.bounds.Intersects (ThisInteractable.bounds) && Finger2.bounds.Intersects (ThisInteractable.bounds)){
            PosConstraint.constraintActive = true;

            //RotCon.constraintActive = true;

            thisobj.GetComponent<Rigidbody> ().isKinematic = true;}
               if(PosConstraint.constraintActive == true){
            carrying = true;}

Early Test of Ray casting for moving arms, and sliders for modifying sprite's rotations, 2019

Crab Walk, 2020

Artificial Gravity on Stick Legs, 2020